First Logotype

Illustrator: Design a Logotype

Friday the 13th Movie Poster

Illustrator: Simplistic Movie Poster

Olympic Poster

Illustrator: Create a Poster for Olympic Games

Finished FROZEN movie poster

Photoshop: Finished simplistic movie poster of Moneyball

Photoshop: Finished typography poster of the Miami Marlins Logo/

  1. Ryan, don’t overlap the text on top of the torch. I would clean up the edge of the torch on the left side (looks jagged), and go with a more minimalistic flame. Smooth lines for the flame edges rather than a bunch gradient fills.

  2. Ryan, I like your typography projects, I think you did a good job on both of the Gatorade and Marlins one. I like the colors in the marlin’s typography.

  3. I really like the gradients in the hat, it almost looks real.

  4. Ryan, I enjoy your hat in the Moneyball poster. The amount of detail is phenomenal.

  5. Your Moneyball poster is really good! The hat is really cool.

  6. I really enjoy your Gatorade Typography poster. Looks really nice too on the wall.

  7. i like ur friday the 13th poster it is creepy and it makes u wanna c what its about good job

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