Update 5/18


This is my Ironman typeogrophy… I am almost done with it. Just a few more spaces to fill. 

Update 5/11

ImageI am currently working on an Iron Man typeography.  I am working in illustrator and using colored text to show the image.

Poster Update 5/4

I have finished my Marlins typography poster and can be found her https://ryanhuling.wordpress.com/posters/

Poster Update 4/27

I am still working on putting my text into place, after i put my text into place, my next step is to color the text to make it look like the logo.  I am going to do that by selecting the area i want to color and then painting over it.

Tutorial 4/27

In these tutorials I learened how to make a rock texture for outdoor themes and a background with a rainbow line.

4/20 Project Update

I am now working on a typogrpahy of the miami marlins logo.  The text will represent some of the things about the marlins and will end up making the shape and color of their logo.

Project Update 4/13

I am still working on this typogrophy, there are a few minor changes I still have to make.  Such as the type of font I am using and shadow effects.

Tutorial Update 4/13

These tutorials I finished I am curentlly using them for my project I am working on.  It is a typogrophy quote that I used pictures for words to show the meaning of the quote.

3/30/12 Project Update

I am still working on the same project.  I added a desk looking background to make it look like a school desk.  I put in text to look like someone engraved into the desk like school.  Along with ripped paper and a calculator all dislplaying what my message is trying to get across.

3/23/12 Poster Update

I am working on a typeography of a quote.  Im making the text show what the quote means.